Love Happens Lounge by KOKET

The dramatic, edgy, and enticing brand KOKET invites you to experience the Love Happens Lounge, a luxurious space adorned with touches of exoticism complemented by clean vintage lines. The lounge seduces with deep black walls and hues of sensuous creams, gold and bronzes accents, and touches of acid greens—inspired by KOKET’s newest designs. Sit and enjoy cocktails at the full bar in this glamorously enticing setting. Visit KOKET in booth 501 to see more from its latest releases of the Guilty Pleasures & Exotic Opulence collections.

Orion HD Lounge

OrionHD provides interior solutions to the design industry by creating high-end architectural environments and installations. If you can imagine it, OrionHD can create it. Whether it’s your design or theirs, the final product will leave a lasting impression that will inspire. From the crystal scenery on 8 Academy Awards stages to a large scale kite installation for a children’s hospital lobby-- their work is imaginative, innovative and fully customizable. See more of their work at booth 410 to learn how OrionHD can inspire your next project—from large residential instillations to emersive environments for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, offices or any public interior space.